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  • 2010 Volunteer Teleconference Notes from teleconference outlining recruiting and maintaining volunteers within an organization                                                                                   
  • Wisdom From the Field: Using Programs to Build Membership Notes from a presentation that describe how to use NAMI programs to build membership and volunteer capacity within your organization                                                                                     

General Volunteer Materials

  • Volunteer Interest Form Sample Volunteer interest form                                                                  
  • Volunteer Application Form Sample volunteer application form                                                         
  • Volunteer Orientation Procedures/Checklist Sample checklist to be used during a volunteer orientation                                      
  • Being a NAMI Ambassador How you can support the NAMI Movement anywhere                                                                  
  • Volunteer Policies and Values Sample Volunteer Policies and Values                                                                                           


   Family-to-Family Engagement: Class 11

  Family-to-Family Engagement: Class 12

  Family-to-Family, Peer-to-Peer, and Basics: Class 1

  Family-to-Family, Peer-to-Peer, and Basic Engagement: Referrals

  Recruitment of Program and Outreach Volunteers After Graduation

  Supporting Program Volunteers

  Planning for the Year and the Future








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