Mental Health Month Social Media

If you want to get involved, here is our social media toolkit, that highlights what we're planning for each week of Mental Health Month. 

Download graphics for social media, promotional materials, logos and messaging for mental health month. Also be sure to follow NAMI on Facebook and Twitter to share updates and inspiration throughout May.


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  • May is #MentalHealthMonth and I am #StigmaFree.

  • I took NAMI’s #StigmaFree pledge for #MentalHealthMonth in May. Join me!

  • I pledged to see the person, not the illness. #StigmaFree #MentalHealthMonth

  • Mental health cuts across party lines. Know what mental health priorities you should talk to candidates about. #Act4MentalHealth

  • I downloaded the #NAMIAIR app to connect with others about #mentalillness #MentalHealthMonth

  • The #NAMIAIR app lets me find support and remind others they are not alone in the fight against #mentalillness. #MentalHealthMonth

  • NAMI provides info and support for those affected by #mentalillness. Learn more this #MentalHealthMonth

  • 1 in 5 adults in the United States experiences #mentalillness. Learn more this #MentalHealthMonth

  • 60 million people in the U.S. live with #mentalillness. It’s time to #Act4MentalHealth in #MentalHealthMonth.

  • I am committed to replacing stigma with hope. Join me by taking NAMI’s #StigmaFree pledge.


  • During #MentalHealthMonth, read the inspiring words of youth and young adults speaking out and supporting each other in the face of mental illness.

  • During #MentalHealthMonth, I shared my story of hope and recovery to remind others that they are not alone in the fight against mental illness. Read my story or share yours at

  • This #MentalHealthMonth, I am pledging with thousands of others to be stigma free. You should pledge to be #stigmafree too!

  • Anonymous. Inspiring. Relatable. NAMI AIR is a support app for anyone looking to connect and talk about mental health. I just downloaded it and you should too. #NAMIAIR

  • Today I learned that 1 in 5 Americans is affected by mental illness. As a part of #MentalHealthMonth, I challenge you to learn something new about mental health today too. It could help save a life.

  • I just signed up for a NAMIWalk to honor #MentalHealthMonth. Who wants to join me?