Take action against stigma this holiday season to help the 1 in 5 Americans who live with a mental health condition. Whether you help through a donation, through your actions or through your words you can help NAMI make a difference by sharing hope for millions.

It's not just about being informed on mental health issues—it's about being StigmaFree in your daily life, dispelling harmful stereotypes and myths about mental illness and ensuring that anyone who needs help and support can find it. Take the pledge and share your actions with others to start making a difference today.
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Tell us how you stop stigma using #IStopStigmaBy. Write your response on a piece of paper or notebook. Share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag to share with the NAMI community.
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How to be

learn about mental health

1. Learn About Mental Health Issues

see the person not the illness

2. See the Person and Not
the Illness

take action on mental health issues

3. Take Action on Mental Health Issues

Individuals, companies, organizations and others can all take the pledge to learn more about mental illness, to see a person for who they are and take action on mental health issues. Take the pledge and raise awareness.

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