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NAMI Cape Ann

Address: NAMI Cape Ann
43 Gloucester Avenue Suite 2A
Gloucester, MA 01930
Phone: (978) 281-1557
Email Address:
Serving: Cape Ann area, MA


Ms. Linda Lewis

(978) 546-6102

Ms. Wendy Lindsay

Vice President
(978) 969-1588

Mr. Douglas Munoz-Lewis

Board Member
(978) 546-6102

Mr. George Howe

Regional Coordinator
(978) 356-3252

Ms. Holly Knapp

Board Member
(978) 766-5498

Ms. Janice Shea

(978) 546-6550

Mrs. Patricia Hadley

Programs Contact
(978) 281-5456

Ms. Denise Foley

Board Member
(978) 282-1423

Ms. Yvonne Burke

Board Member

Chris Sadkowski

(978) 927-0408

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Education, Training and Programs

Program Dates Location Details & Registration
NAMI Connection 03/02/2014
3rd Thursday 2:30-4:00 PM
Gloucester 01931 Details & Registration
NAMI Connection 12/01/2009
1st Wednesday of every month 7:00-8:30 PM
Gloucester 01931 Details & Registration

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