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Go Vote. Mental Health Care Depends On It. Get to know your candidates before you go to the polls. They can have a big impact on health care.
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Legislation SENATE BILL 117 & HOUSE BILL H. 3366

The South Carolina legislature is considering Senate Bill S. 117 and House Bill H. 3366.

The Bills are very simple.

*Healthcare providers/institutions will be required to offer the Patient a Release to permit sharing of information at the same time they provide their privacy policies. -- A “health care partner”.

*“Who would you like to have involved in your healthcare?” Spouse? Family? Friend? Trusted Person? The patient may authorize someone of their choosing or may elect not to designate anyone.

*Currently there is no requirement to give a release to a patient.

*Better information helps everyone make better decisions.

Improve Outcomes, Lower Cost by improving communications.

This is important. Will you please contact your legislator and ask them to vote for S. 117 and H. 3366?

Video of U.S.House of Representatives Energy & Commerce Subcommittee Forum, March5, 2013

The full hearing 2 hours and 40+ minutes is viewable. One is usually hesitant to view something so long. Your time is valuable and you are short of it. Saying that, this powerful testimony is worth your time.

How Do We Improve Treatment for Mental Illness?

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