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WHY Should I Become a Brain Tissue Donor?

In order to conduct careful studies of biologically-based brain disorders, it is essential that researchers have access to tissue from individuals who DO NOT suffer from a debilitating brain dysfunction as well as from individuals who DO suffer from a debilitating brain dysfunction in order to identify comparative anatomical differences.  Recent neurochemical and anatomical studies which have focused on the biological nature of severe brain disorders are opening the possibility of understanding at a fundamental level the mechanisms responsible for these disorders.  However, a long-standing shortage of brain tissue has greatly hindered postmortem research into the neurobiology of the human brain.  Because each study only requires the use of a very small amount of tissue, each donated brain provides a large number of samples which can be utilized in a very diverse group of studies.


HOW Do I Become a Brain Tissue Donor?

Please see the following link for more information about the Harvard Brain Tissue Center.

You may also contact the Center by phone or by mail.

                                                                      1-800-BRAIN BANK (1-800-272-4622)

                                                                      Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center

                                                                      McLean Hospital

                                                                      115 Mill Street

                                                                      Belmont, MA  02478





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