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Patrol Officer Empowerment Opportunity

Crisis Intervention Partners Training

Tuesday and Wednesday May 6-7th

This training is specifically for corrections officers, probation officers, and human services staff.

For more information please contact Mary Madden at or 262-409-2741


CIT is a comprehensive five-day, 40--hour training session designed to assist law enforcement officers and other first responders in recognizing and understanding the signs and symptoms of mental illness including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and anxiety disorders, as well as other associated illnesses including development & cognitive disorders and dementia.

·  You will learn various options to facilitate de-escalation of the mental health consumer in crisis.

·  You will learn about resources in your community that are available to the mental health consumer and their families.

·  You will learn how interacting on a regular basis in this kind of outreach program reduces the potential for crisis and/or injury of the officer, consumer or others.

This training experience will be very challenging, not unlike these types of calls for service.  Your effort will not be without rewards; the skills taught in this course will be used throughout your life both personally and professionally.

This training is modeled after the Best Practices “Memphis Model” of law enforcement training.

To register contact Mary Madden at or call (262) 524-8886.Please include your name, department, phone number and email address.



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