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A Groundbreaking Commitment to Psychiatric Research After receiving a $650 million gift The Broad Institute is set to try and find the genetic causes of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses.
YANA: We Are More Than Just Numbers
Helping Young People Share Their Experiences and Find Support
National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month: The Time for Action Is Now
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Thank you for your interest in the Dallas CIT (Crisis Intervention Training) program. PLEASE VISIT US AT OUR NEW SITE AT WWW.NAMIDALLAS.ORG FOR CURRENT CIT INFORMATION

The Dallas Police Department has become an active member of the community in a new way.  DPD works together with Mental Health America, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Green Oaks Hospital, Timberlawn Mental Health System,    and anyone else dealing with the mental health population.  DPD and mental health advocates and providers have become a resource for one another and have become members of the same team in the community.

What is the Dallas CIT Training Program?

This 5 day course trains officers on effective techniques to deal with a consumer in a psychiatric crisis in ways that reduce the risk of harm to the officer and the citizen. 

Who Can Attend the Course?

Attendance is by registration ONLY.  To register contact Sr. Cpl. Herb Cotner of the Dallas Police Department:

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