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Crisis and Commitment

What is involuntary commitment and how can someone be examined for commitment?

If you have personal knowledge of an adult or child who suffers from mental illness and who is endangering himself or other and is unwilling to get help, the person may need involuntary commitment at a facility for treatment. 

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Mental Health and Crisis Services in Greenville County

Crisis Intervention Model

Involuntary Commitment of a Child

A child who is unwilling to receive treatment can be examined for involuntary hospitalization.  The screening process is the same as it is for an adult.  Contact the local mental health center in the geographic region where the child lives.

Children sixteen (16) years of age or older can seek admittance to a facility on a voluntary basis.  The mental health center handles all voluntary admissions.

After-Hours Emergencies

If you have an emergency situation that occurs outside normal working hours, you can call the CRISISLine:  (864) 271-8888.  A volunteer at CRISISLine will screen the emergency and then if needed, the Mental Health Center emergency staff will call you with the steps to obtain emergency commitment papers.  A TEENLine is available  Monday through Friday between 5PM & 9PM.  Teenagers trained to help other teens answer this line: (864) 467-8336.  Spartanburg County also has a 24-hour CRISISLine: (864) 582-1100.  In addition, you may call the National Suicide Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Patients with Private Psychiatrists

If a patient of a private psychiatrist is in need of examination for involuntary hospitalization, you will need to contact the private psychiatrist for the involuntary commitment screening.  The private psychiatrist will complete the involuntary commitment papers.  If the patient is refusing to submit to an examination the Probate Court will then issue an Order of Detention.  This Order will require law enforcement to pick up the patient and take him/her to the private psychiatrist's office.  If it is after normal business hours, the psychiatrist shall inform the emergency room that an Application for Involuntary Hospitalization for Mental Illness has been issued and the patient will be brought to the ER room for examination.

Judicial Psychiatric Commitments

Upon examination, if the medical professional determines that the situation is not an emergency, a Petition for Judicial Commitment can be completed at the mental health center and then filed with the Probate Court.  This type commitment is done when the patient is engaged in a pattern of behavior that will likely cause harm to himself or others but is not the emergent nature (i.e.- bizarre behavior, paranoid behavior, hallucinations.) It takes approximately two weeks to do a Judicial Commitment.

View the steps.

This information is intended to be a general guide to persons who need assistance in commitment proceedings.  It is not intended to be legal advice and is not a complete explanation of the law.  If you need further assistance, you are advised to seek legal counsel of your choice.
















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