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Sacred Creations After finding a church that understood mental health, AJ French finally received the treatment and support she needed.
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What We Can Do about Depression
NAMI Statement by Mary Giliberti: Reflecting on the Passing of Robin Williams
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There are many important ways to make a positive difference in society and in our community.  One of those ways is to donate money to organizations that carry out a mission which you support.  NAMI Dallas welcomes financial donations at any level throughout the year.  These donations make it possible for NAMI Dallas to serve the needs of consumers, their families, and the community at large and raise awareness of mental illness in as many ways possible in the Dallas metropolitan area. 

If you would like to make a donation via credit card, Thank You!  Please click the buttton below.



There are other ways to donate:

General Donations        

Throughout the year, people make financial donations to NAMI Dallas to support its mission and work.  These donations vary in size according to each individual's ability; all donations are important.

Honorary Donations

In addition, individuals often make donations to honor someone who is important to them -- a family member, a friend, or someone else that they wish to recognize through their donation.  NAMI Dallas sends a very nice card to the person who has been honored to make them aware of the donation in their name (the amount of the donation is not included).

Memorial Donations

Throughout the year, NAMI Dallas also receives donations in memory of individuals who have passed away and who are remembered by their friends and loved ones.  NAMI Dallas sends a very nice card to the family of the deceased individual making them aware of the donation which has been received (the amount of the donation is not included).

Annual Drive

Each year, in the later fall, NAMI Dallas holds an Annual Drive to give members and other supporters the opportunity to make a gift before the end of the year. 

All donations during the year may be mailed to:

NAMI Dallas

2812 Swiss Avenue,

Dallas, TX 75204

For more information, please call NAMI Dallas at 214.341.7133.


      Thank you.



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