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Henderson Behavioral Health Advancing Early Intervention
Smoking and Mental Health: Why Is It Harder for People with Mental Illness to Quit Smoking?
2015 Health Insurance Open Enrollment Starts Nov. 15
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Special People Have Mental & Physical Illnesses

NAMI strives to Provide Visitors & Members with the Latest Research.
A Mental Illness or Brain Disorder can be Complicated & Challenging for Anyone to Understand.  A Brain Injury, Developmental Disorder and/or Chemical Imbalance Paired with Environmental Triggers Can Produce a Wide Range of Symptoms & Problems.  Many Variables Affect the Behavior of a Person with a Serious Mental Illness.  Doctors, Counselors, Therapists, Consumers & Caregivers struggle to find the right combination of Medication & Other Treatments,  Knowledge on Specific Disorders & Advocacy both Fall within the Purview of NAMI Across the United States.  Our Goal is to Keep People Everywhere Up-to-Date on Medical Discoveries, Treatments, Support Groups, Financial Assistance, Medication  & All Issues Related to Mental Illness or Brain Disorder.  The Following Research is Provided to Improve Understanding & Present Information which may be New to the Reader.

Discount Pharmacies
Locate Multiple Discount Pharmacy Providers to meet All of Your Health Needs.

Get the Most for Your Money!!

Medical Support & Insurance
Find Treatment, Therapy, Doctors & Health Centers as well as Insurance or Financial Support.
Find Insurance & Discount Programs!

Special Education
Teaching Techniques & Methods from Around the World are Linked to our NAMI Site for Assistance in Teaching People with Special Needs.
Review our Research!

Decisive Definitions
It is Critical to Spread Awareness about the Multiple Ways Developmental Abnormalities, Brain Injuries, & Chemical Imbalances are Manifested in Individuals.
Read the Latest Scientific Studies!

Warning Signs, Prevention, Treatment & Support is Available for Teachers, Families, Friends & Caregivers.  People at Risk of Death by Suicide can be Found in Almost any Age Group.
Find Support Immediately!

Specific Disorder Groups
Every Mental Illness has a Neurological Component. The Brain may not be Normal because of a Head & Spinal Chord Injury or a Developmental Abnormality.  A Mental Illness may also be characterized by a Chemical Imbalance.  The Neurotransmitters passed across the synapses between the Neurons of the Brain are out of Sync in Timing and/or Quantity.  The Resulting Illness is Serious & may have Aspects Revealed through a Variety of Behavioral & Emotional Problems.
Read the Latest Scientific Studies!

Adolescent Suicide
Learn the Warning Signs & How to Prevent this Growing Cause of Death Among our Young People.  We must Protect these Precious Blessings.
We Have Done the Work!

More Educational, Program, Medical & Support Resources

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