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FaithNet Special Interest Workshop

John Meyer (, chairman of FaithNet MA, did a great job of videoing the FaithNet NAMI Special Interest Workshop at the 2004 NAMI Convention in Washington, DC on September 9th.  I have worked with Paul Abram Constantine of Constantine Productions in editing, and adding music and captions to the video.  It is about one hour and 45 minutes long and is now available as a VHS video tape or as a DVD for no charge.

This FaithNet Special Interest Workshop featured thirteen speakers from different sections of the United States.  Each of these participants have contributed significantly to Outreach to the Faith Community at a local, state and national level.  Because of time limitations, each speaker was limited to five minutes during which time they spoke of their contributions of the past and hopes for the future.  I found this workshop to be excellent as I listened to it in Washington, DC and continue to have the same opinion as I now view the recorded tape.

If you desire a free VHS cassette and/or a DVD of this workshop, please e-mail me your name and address.   If you desire for someone other than yourself to receive this tape, please order the video tape or DVD to be sent to yourself and then you personally give it to your pastor or friend.  If you desire multiple copies to be handed out to others at a conference, I will try to comply with your request as long as I have funds to do so.

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