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P.O. Box 631 Kenosha, Wi 53141



There will be only one meeting of the NAMI Kenosha support groups in November on Thursday, November 13th, at Paul's Lutheran Church on the corner of 88th St and 39th Ave.  We will have 2 support groups at 6:00.  One support group is for people that are coping with a mental illness, a second support group is for the family members and friends of those coping with a mental illness.

The annual NAMI Kenosha consumer Christmas party will be on Saturday, December 6th, at Reuther High School, 913 57th St, in downtown Kenosha. The doors will open at 5:00 PM. All mental health consumers in Kenosha County are invited to atend.

   NAMI Kenosha member, Walter Stern, will be giving a talk, "Is there a right to mental health treatment in Federal prison", on November 17th at Bradford Unitarian Church, 5810 8th Ave. at 7:00 PM. It is open to everyone.






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