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What It Is:

  • A presentation by consumers that creates awareness about what is involved in recovery from mental illness. A powerful anti-stigma tool to change hearts, minds, and attitudes about mental illness. 
  • An opportunity for consumers to gain self-confidence, self-esteem, and income while serving as role models for the community. 
  • Living proof that recovery from mental illness is an ongoing reality. 

The Presentation:

  • Hear from people who have struggled with disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other severe mental illnesses. 
  • A brief video features consumers speaking about the topics of Dark Days, Acceptance, Treatment, Coping Skills, and Successes, Hopes, and Dreams.
  • Gain insight into how people with serious mental illnesses cope with the realities of their disorders while reclaiming productive lives. 
  • Ask questions from the real experts -- the consumers are the ones who "have been there." A Take Home Folder is distributed to all attendees, which includes resources and an opportunity for program evaluation. 

The Audience:

  • Consumers…in day programs, inpatient settings, support groups, and other community settings who can share, learn, and find hope for successful living. 
  • Family and friends…who may need further reassurance of the possibility of recovery for their loved ones. 
  • Health care providers…who desire strengthened communication with their clients and improved outcomes. 
  • Law enforcement officials…to increase awareness of and sensitivity to behaviors triggered by mental illness. 
  • Faith communities…to increase responsiveness to people with mental illnesses who may first turn to their spiritual community for guidance. 
  • Students…of various age levels, who wish to expand their knowledge of living with mental illness. 
  • Any community or civic organization…who may be interested in learning more about mental illnesses and recovery. 

Why Must We Have This Program?

  • Raises awareness in communities about recovery from mental illness Empowers consumers by providing a path to recovery 
  • Presents the real face of mental illness Combats stigma by opening dialogue 
  • Provides supported employment opportunities for consumers Increases visibility of NAMI as a resource 

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