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Sacred Creations After finding a church that understood mental health, AJ French finally received the treatment and support she needed.
YANA: With Help, Things Can Change For The Better.
What We Can Do about Depression
NAMI Statement by Mary Giliberti: Reflecting on the Passing of Robin Williams
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NAMI of Central Suffolk June 2014 News


Deb (631) 675-6831
John (631) 608-3073
NAMI Faith Net Pastor Peter (631) 523-7729

June Wednesday Meetings

Wednesday meetings are at Mather Hospital Rooms Two and Three

All are welcome. Hope to see you there!

*Please remember, only support groups are offered during July & August. Our next newsletter will be mid August announcing our September program meetings. We wish you and your families a safe, enjoyable, abundant, and healthy summer! **Our Educational/Informational meetings and peer support group are now in Room TWO. The general support group FOR JUNE ONLY will be in Room TWO.

June 4th: Informational/Educational Program @ 7:30-9 pm ROOM TWO: Please join NAMI of Central Suffolk for a FREE DVD viewing of CRACKING UP. Cracking Up follows a year in the life of Stand Up For Mental Health. You'll see a group of people who suffer the stigma of mental illness on a daily basis; strangers fear them, staring and whispering behind their backs. Cracking Up features naturally gifted people from all walks of life who happen to be afflicted with mental illnesses. The comedy class offers a "safe place" where everyone in the group is free of stigma and treated with respect. It's funny, inspiring, and educational. You'll come away from it with hope that recovery is possible!

June 11th: Peer Support Group @ 6:30 PM ROOM TWO: for individuals living with mental illness ONLY. Call Peter 631 473-0155 for info

June 18th: General Support Group @ 7:30 PM ROOM TWO: for all who are affected by mental illness-individuals, family members, significant others and friends.

Central Suffolk's East End Support Group location in Watermill at the Grace Church. Call affiliate Facilitator Gail 283-2380 for info.

Thanks to all who made our 2014 NAMIWalks a success! I will be sending out photos in the near future and in the Fall, when I receive the final data from NAMIWalks, I will share the names of the dedicated people, agencies, and organizations who tremendously supported NAMI of Central Suffolk's mission goals. For those who didn't have the opportunity to donate and/or fundraise, there's still time! You may still do so until MID June and send to Deb. Any questions, please contact Deb 675-6831.

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