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President’s Corner   

by Jim Ogle       

A common issue faced by family  members and caregivers of people  living with a serious mental illness is  noncompliance with the prescribed  treatment. There are a number of  reasons for this, including side effects  such as weight gain or the loss of  mental sharpness. It could also be  just a lack of insight into the illness.  

The best reference on this subject  for a nonprofessional caregiver is I  AM NOT SICK, I Don’t Need Help!  written by well-known clinical  

psychologist Xavier Amador. His  knowledge, insight and method of  dealing with this common issue come  from a couple of decades of research  in this field and trying to help his  brother, who was diagnosed with  schizophrenia.  

Dr. Amador, whose work now has  international recognition, developed  a technique called LEAP (Listen, Empathize, Agree, Partner) for communicating with people who don’t  agree with you—not just for dealing  with a loved one with mental illness,  although that is his focus. As a result  of the successes he has experienced   with this technique, he has recently  started the LEAP Institute ( dedicated to  training others in this communication  technique.  

NAMI-ABQ recently purchased the  video training for LEAP. The training  consists of three sections with a total  viewing time of about 4.5 hours. The  videos show Dr. Amador teaching the  technique to both professionals and  lay people. Dr. Amador is an excellent  speaker who is passionate about this  subject, making the time pass quickly.    

We will offer the training on Saturday,  February 16 in lieu of our normal second Tuesday of the month educational meeting.  


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