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Celebrating Recovery through Work Elliott and Dianne Steele believed that there had to be a place where individuals with mental illness were celebrated as people and not treated like patients, so they created Vincent House.
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Laura’s Law

Laura’s Law is the name of California’s Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) law.  Los Angeles County needs to fully fund and implement this law which provides an avenue to treatment for those with a mental illness who are not accepting help. The Laura’s Law state statute allows each county to authorize and fund an Assisted Outpatient Treatment program to provide court ordered treatment, under certain stringent conditions, for a person with severe mental illness.  

Laura’s Law has never been fully implemented because significant roadblocks to its implementation are imbedded in the way the law was written and funded.  Full implementation of Laura’s Law would be a significant step in getting a subset of persons with severe mental illnesses into treatment.  This would have obvious benefits to these patients and their loved ones, but would also reduce the social and financial costs associated with their untreated behaviors.  The following links take you to articles and websites that can help you better understand Laura’s Law and the issues surrounding it.

It is well established that Assisted Outpatient Treatment laws:


  • save lives

  • reduce homelessness and hospitalizations

  • reduce arrests and incarceration

  • reduce violence, crime, and victimization

  • help families and reduce caregiver stress

  • cost less than arrest and incarceration

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