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10 Tips for Managing Mental Health in the Workplace Work can play a vital role in recovery—it gives the day purpose. Here are some ideas on how to make the most of every day.
Exploring The World of Human Emotions
Celebrating Recovery through Work
Understanding What HIPAA Means for Mental Illness
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NAMI Danville provides extensive in-office resources for its members to learn about mental illness, healthy lifestyles, and fighting stigma.

Lending Library
The Danville office houses an extensive collection of books, magazines, brochures, and movies about mental illness, creating a supportive environment for loved ones, and living with mental illness. You may check out up to 3 books and videos for a period of 2 weeks at a time.

Computer Lab
Computers are available for consumers to use for education and job searches at the Danville office. Personal instruction on how to use the computers is available, and classes will be developed if there is demand.

Online Resources

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