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Dear NAMI Gwinnett,

We are three(3) months out from NAMI walk/run. I would like to invite all of you, as well as, all of the Members of our board to join us this November 1st. I ask all of you to take an extra effort to raise money for our annual fundraiser. I would like to see members of NAMI GWINNETT at the kick-off luncheon at Piedmont Park in August. I will personally be there myself. Another issue at hand, the board is currently looking for other sites to hold meetings. I do like Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church, but I feel it's time that we move forward to find another place. The reason for it is that another place might donate the rooms to NAMI GWINNETT. I know change is not always viewed as positive in the world of mental health, but I think change is inevitable. If you can make that change be positive why not embrace it? If we find a space that will donate the space then we save money otherwise spent on rent. I and the Board of NAMI GWINNETT would like your feedback on this move. I and the Board are working to benefit NAMI GWINNETT. I always ask myself before any decision I do, "Does this help NAMI GWINNETT?" If it's in the best interest for our affiliate I am in it 100%. I ask any person with any questions to personally give me a call 770.696.4315 or email:

Cordially Kevin A. Johnson
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