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Officers for 2013 - 2014 (April 1, 2013 thru March 31, 2014)


     The  Livingston/McLean Counties NAMI officers for this year are:


                                              Co-President:  Robin Rinker

                                             Co-President:  Elizabeth Hall

                                                  Treasurer:  Glenn Rinker 

                Education Program coordinator:  Barb Heneghan

                                     Newsletter Editor:  Shawn High

         Board Member and Web Site Editor:  Glenn Rinker

                                   Ex-officio members:  Steve and Dori West

                                                                     Tonya Kaberna

                                                                    Suzette Klemme

                          Board Members at Large:  Jet Jacobs 

                                                                    Fay Townsend

                                                                    DeLisa Rodney

                                                                    Antoinette Bohanan

                       Secretarial support/Grants:  Shawn High

                       Support Group Facilitators:   Elizabeth Hall, Suzette Klemme, 

                                                                    Tonya Kaberna,

                                                                    John & Bonnie  Plesko


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