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This page is inspired by the case of Erik Lamberg, 51, a father and husband diagnosed as bi-polar, who has been missing since May 23, 2013, and is dedicated to all persons with mental illness who have not found their way home.

Missing loved ones who have a serious mental illness is an epidemic problem. Sometimes the person has deliberately disappeared in response to stigma -- out of shame, or not wanting to "burden" others; sometimes their illness keeps them from finding their way home; accident, murder, and suicide are also possibilities. To the ones left behind, not knowing is an agonizing dilemma.


Erik Lamberg went missing on a dirt road in Northern California between Fort Bragg and Willits on May 26. Call the Mendocino Sheriff's Office at 707-463-4086 with any info. Follow us on twitter for updates @finderiklamberg @slambergshark. Latest updates: LA Times Article,0,1102345.column

Missing Persons Resources

NAMI Missing Persons Support Page

The National Missing Persons Database

NAMI's Missing Persons Online Discussion Group post information about a missing loved one, share support, advice, or assistance (free site, registrationrequired) NAMI's Missing Persons Online Discussion Group

If you have a loved one who is still missing after utilizing the above resources, and you or your loved one live in Southern California or you have reason to believe they may be in Southern California, we would love to help. Contact us via

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