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Culturally Competent, Clinically Relevant To give the best care, providers need to understand the person they're talking to.
The Village: Opening Doors for Those in Need
Trying to Test for Psychosis Risk
Book Review: Unhinged: A Memoir of Enduring, Surviving and Overcoming Family Mental Illness
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NAMIWalk Ventura County

1.  How long is the Walk?  Classified as a 5K, most people complete this in a leisurely 35 to 45 minutes.
2. Where do we walk?  Starting on the Promenade near the Ventura Pier, we walk westward along the beach, then on the walking path going north toward Main Street. We turn around at the water station and return to the finish line back where we started.
3. Can I bring my dog?  YES!!

4. Are strollers allowed?  YES!!

5.  Do I have to fill out the paper registration if I signed up online?  NO.  If you have registered online, thank you!

6.  Can I run this event?  YES!
7.  Is there a fee to be a part of the NAMI WALK?  NO, but donations are welcomed.
8.  Can my friends and family sponsor me online?  Yes!  Click here for information on setting up your Walker Page.  Your friends can easily go to and select "Donate Now" to find your name.


Request your friends to support you as a Walker - tell them about NAMI and the work we do.  Share your personal story or connection.  Ask for a contribution in one of these ways:
1. online - provided you are registered online as a Walker - preferred method - send everyone the link to your Walk page
2. by check, track all contributions in your Walker Brochure - make checks payable to "NAMI Ventura County"
3. by cash, track all contributions in your Walker Brochure
If you have an online Walker Page, enter and manage your offline donations there.
Turn in your cash & checks on Walk day.
Online fundraising is key to success as it allows others to donate to your cause NOW!  Register online and set up a Walker Page - click here for instructions.
Team Captains - should set an example and set up their personal Walker Page with a custom message.
Team Captains - should help their team members set up an online Walker Page
Team Captains - should recognize Walkers who have been successful at fundraising.
Click here for a sample fundraising letter or email.

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