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NAMI Lake-Sumter Programs

Family Support Group Meetings
Our message to families affected by mental illness is: "You are not alone"
Support Group
Our support group twice-monthly meetings provide a safe place for families to share their concerns and learn from their common experiences.

Families find these meetings to be of great value.

The facilitators that lead our NAMI support groups are trained family members who understand the challenges and opportunities facing those who have a loved one with a mental illness.
Members share their successes and challenges with one another. We are the local education, support and advocacy group working for a quality comprehensive mental health service.

We share each other's hope and pain and are working hard to build a better tomorrow for our loved ones and ourselves.
Awareness Group
NAMI Lake - Sumter is providing a new service designed to allow our loved ones with brain based disorders the same opportunity as our family group. The Awareness Group allows loved ones (Consumers) to learn new coping skills from others as well as provide social opportunities and a safe environment for them to discuss difficult issues with their own facilitator.

Family to Family
This is a free course for family and friends of individuals with serious mental illnesses. It is taught by NAMI certified trainers. It consists of 12 consecutive sessions. Scientific evaluations show that course participants gain a greater understanding of mental illness, cope better, worry less, and feel newly empowered to navigate both the health care and political systems to get better treatment and services for the person with the illness. Many family members describe the course as life - changing.
Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT)
NAMI Lake/Sumter was instrumental in establishing the Lake/Sumter CIT program in 2005. CIT is a collaborative effort between mental health advocates(NAMI), law enforcement, and the mental health community to help law enforcement officers handle incidents involving mentally ill people. The first CIT program began in Memphis Tennessee in 1988. A training course was designed to help law enforcement officers identify and deal with mentally ill people in crisis. CIT training starts with an intensive 40-hour course of specialized training for uniformed patrol law enforcement officers. Follow up training may also be provided to maintain or sharpen skills. Florida started CIT in 1999, and has since become a leader in CIT. These Florida CIT programs cover over 72% of the state’s population.
Quarterly Education Meeting Series
This is and education series provided free of charge to our NAMI members. Guest speakers that are subject matter experts provide information for people that are involved with mental illness. The series starts with a presentation by the Leesburg Social Security Office, the subject will include details on SSDI.

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