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How You Can Text, Talk and Act for Mental Health Participate in a National Dialogue on mental health on your cell phone.
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10 Tips for Managing Mental Health in the Workplace
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The NAMI Family-to-Family Education Program is a free, 12-week course taught by trained NAMI members who have lived with this experience, offers education and support for family and friends of individuals with mental illness.


What can you gain from attending this free educational course:


  • Attend with other family members  like you in a confidential setting.
  • Gain insight into how mental illness affects your relative and gain empathy by understanding the subjective, lived experience of a person with mental illness.
  • Take an eye-opening look inside some of today's current brain research related to the biology of brain disorders.  
  • Learn how families can become " Advocates" for better treatments of their family members and loved ones. 
  • Up-to-date information on medications, side effects and strategies for adherence, and the evidence-based effective treatments to promote recovery.

Special workshops for problem solving, listening and communication techniques; acquiring strategies for handling crisis and relapse.


Care for the Caregiver: Learn to cope with worry, stress and emotional overload; learn to focus on care for you as well as your loved ones.



More information and a tribute video -


Class size is limited to 20 family members and requires pre-enrollment.  To reserve a place, contact Tracy at 859-272-7891 or by email -








F2F Teachers

March 26

11 am EST


April 4

  3 pm EST

FaF Teachers  (Spanish)

March 28

11 am EST


April 2

  3 pm EST

Family SG Facilitators & Connection Facilitators

No recertification required.  Materials will have to be updated.

F2 F Trainers

March 26

  3 pm EST


April 4

11 am EST

Family SG Trainers  &  Connection Trainers are Trained together

April 9

11 am EST

April 9

 3 pm EST










                NAMI is preparing directions for accessing the recorded webinars.   They won’t be available until two days after the live webinars.  We will send it out within the next several days. 




March 26                 3:00 p.m. EST                 NAMI Family-to-Family TRAINER Orientation Webinars

April 4                     11:00 a.m. EST  

  • State Trainers are required to participate in one orientation webinar, in either the live or recorded version.  There will be two live webinars, at the dates and times listed above.
  • The recorded webinar will be posted on the NAMI Education Help Desk within two days of the first live webinar
  • Each trainer must complete a knowledge assessment to be considered oriented to the program revisions.
  • By December 2013, all state trainers should have completed orientation. 
  • Program Directors will follow and track when orientation is completed online. 


March 26                11:00 a.m. EST                NAMI Family-to-Family TEACHER Orientation Webinars

April 4                        3:00 p.m.  EST  


  • Teachers can choose one of the following options:
    • Participate in the live webinar (either of the times listed above)
    • Listen to a recorded webinar
    • Complete an online self-directed Power Point
  • The recorded webinar will be posted on the NAMI Education Help Desk within two days of the first live webinar.
  • Each teacher must complete a knowledge assessment to be considered oriented to the program revisions.
  • Teachers may continue to teach the course using the 2012 materials until they have had the orientation. 

        Deadline:  by September 1, 2013 all new classes should use new materials.

  • Orientation will continue past Sept 1 for teachers whose classes begin in 2014.

               Program Director can follow online and track when orientation is completed.

 March 28                 11:00 a.m.  EST               De Familia a Familia TEACHER Orientation Webinars

April 2                         3:00 p.m. EST


  • Note:  The two webinars will be conducted in Spanish.   
  • The rest of the information is the same as NAMI Family-to-Family  Teacher above. 


  April 9th – 11:00 am EST                  Connection and Family Support Group TRAINERS Orientation Webinars

     3:00 pm EST.


  • These two groups of trainers will recertify with the same training
  • All state trainers required to participate in one webinar – live or recorded.
  • Recording will be posted on NAMI Education website two (2) days after live webinar (April 11th)
  • Requirement to complete knowledge assessment
  • December, 2013 all state trainers should have completed orientation – NAMI will have list of active state trainers
  • Program Directors will be able to track and follow trainers going through orientation process
  • NAMI will send tickler reminders to trainers that need to complete re-orientation and knowledge assessment
  • All trainers required to get new training manuals to reflect new two (2) day training session
  • Family manual looks like Connection manual – role play for both programs kept in

 Connection and Family Support Group Facilitators

 Will not need to recertify

  • All have been trained to current standards
  • Materials will have to be updated to most current version


Hearts & Minds

There is a new and updated NAMI National Signature program available at NAMI's website.  This program focuses on wellness, exercise and how the body and mind work together for overall mental and physical wellness.  Check it out! 

In Our Own Voice

NAMI Lexington participates in the In Our Own Voice program.  This presentation consists of two consumer presenters who share their story of their mental illnesses.  There is a short video that goes along with the presentation.  The presentation lasts about 1-1 1/2 hours.  If you are interested in scheduling this program for your group, call our office at (859) 272-7891.

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