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Sacred Creations After finding a church that understood mental health, AJ French finally received the treatment and support she needed.
YANA: With Help, Things Can Change For The Better.
What We Can Do about Depression
NAMI Statement by Mary Giliberti: Reflecting on the Passing of Robin Williams
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Join NAMI Santa Cruz

Please help us by membership or donation. We need your generous donations and membership dues to support:

  • Support groups
  • Family and Peer education programs
  • Police/Sheriff education programs
  • Public Awareness programs to reduce stigmas and stereotypes
  • Family/Client and Legislative Advocacy
  • Newsletters and Website
  • Representation to NAMI California and NAMI National Organizations
  • Representation of families in the Mental Health Services Act funds
  • General Membership/Speaker Meetings

Please print this page and fill in the information requested, cut on the dotted line and mail with your check for dues or donations to:

You  may also download the printable membership application in PDF format.


Membership dues: Please join NAMI Santa Cruz

Your membership renewal is due! Please complete this membership renewal form and mail it with your annual dues today. Your annual dues cover one year of membership in NAMI-SCC, concurrent membership in the California and National NAMI chapters, subscriptions to the “NAMI California Advocate” and National “Voice” newsletters, and help make our mailings, education courses, support groups, and outreach efforts possible.




Phone_________________________________ E-mail address____________________________

This is a: New membership_______ Renewal membership ______Address Change_______

Individual $35.00                                        $_________

Open Door /Low Income $3.00                           $ _________

Donation to NAMI-SCC, any amount             $_________

Special donation in honor of:                         $_________


Please send a note of my donation to:




I cannot join NAMI-SCC at this time but
would like to donate towards the cost
of newsletters.                                            $__________

Total Enclosed                                              $__________

I would like to volunteer to help NAMI with:__________________________________


Checks payable and mailed to: NAMI-SCC,  P.O. Box 360, Santa Cruz CA. 95061 CA. 95061.


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Membership Form (PDF File)

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