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How You Can Text, Talk and Act for Mental Health Participate in a National Dialogue on mental health on your cell phone.
Exploring The World of Human Emotions
10 Tips for Managing Mental Health in the Workplace
Celebrating Recovery through Work
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The NAMI Logo and Identity Program for NAMI Organizations and Affiliates

Please follow these four (4) steps in order to effectively use the NAMI logo and graphic files.

  1. Download The NAMI Identity Guidelines, presented here in *.pdf format (requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader). These Guidelines provide essential information in helping you select the right file for your particular need. Note: in September, 2006, new versions of the corporate logo were created with different file names than those used in this guide; other information remains relevant.
  2. Read the Guidelines carefully and select the exact file(s) that meet(s) your needs. Please note that files intended for professional reproduction (EPS) will not be useful in most desktop applications. However, they will be useful to professional printers in providing high-quiality graphic reproductions.
  3. Locate and download the file online by exact filename and thumbnail below.
  4. Use the file either yourself, or send it (electronically or on diskette) to a professional printer for use.
NEW NAMI Corporate Logos
("National Alliance on Mental Illness")
EPS format (For Print)
Color on white/transparent
GIF format (For Web/Screen)

Black on white/transparent
EPS format (For Print)
Black on white/transparent
GIF format (For Web/Screen)

White on transparent
EPS format (For Print)
White on transparent
GIF format (For Web/Screen)
note: the graphic will initially display as solid white; please open it in a graphics program to add a colored background

"Campaign for the Mind of America" (CFTMOA) Logos

CFMTOA b&w logo (EPS, Mac-format Compression)

CFMTOA b&w logo (JPG format)

CFMTOA color logo (JPG format)

CFMTOA color logo (EPS, Mac-format Compression)

CFMTOA wht logo (EPS, Mac-format Compression)

CFMTOA b&w logo (EPS, Mac-format Compression)

NAMI Membership Logos

Membership Logo pms (EPS, Mac-format Compression)

Membership Logo wht (EPS, Mac-format Compression)

Membership Logo b&w (EPS, Mac-format Compression)

Membership b&w Logo (JPG format)

Membership cmyk Logo (JPG format)


NAMIWALK b&w logo (EPS, Mac-format Compression)

NAMIWALK b&w logo (JPG format)

NAMIWALK cmyk logo (JPG format)

NAMIWALK logo pms (JPG format)

NAMIWALK logo pms (EPS, Mac-format Compression)

NAMIWALK logo white w/transparent bckgrnd (EPS)

Iris & Iris Circle Logos

Iris Circle Logo blue (JPG format)

Iris Logo reflex (EPS, Mac-format Compression)

Iris Circle Logo reflex (EPS, Mac-format Compression)

Iris Logo blue (JPG format)

NAMI Stars

NAMI Stars blue (JPG format)

NAMI Stars gold (JPG format)

NAMI Stars reflex (EPS, Mac-format Compression)

NAMI Stars 871 (EPS, Mac-format Compression)

NAMI Peer-to-Peer

NAMI Peer-to-Peer Color (JPG format)

NAMI Peer-to-Peer B&W (JPG format)

NAMI Peer-to-Peer Color (EPS, Mac-format Compression)

NAMI Peer-to-Peer B&W (EPS, Mac-format Compression)

NAMI Head Marks

Head Logo 871 (EPS, Mac-format Compression)

Head Logo blue (JPG format)

Head Logo gold (JPG format)

Head Logo gold10 (JPG format)

Head Logo reflex (EPS, Mac-format Compression)

Head Logo blue10 (JPG format)

NAMI Font Families & Colors

Techno Font Family (examples)

Berkley Font Family (examples)

Franklin Gothic Font Family (examples)

CMYK colors (examples)

Pantone Colors (examples)

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