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Treasurer's Report

Treasurer's Report

In order to communicate via email, I have put together all of the email addresses of our members that have been given to me.

If you have not received a previous email from me informing you of this list and you wish to be included please send your address to

Put NAMI email in the subject space. We can communicate much faster and cheaper this way. We will use it to inform you of upcoming events.

I will still send you membership renewal reminders by mail because we do not have the capability to receive payment on our site. New members may join by credit card on

We received a generous donation from the Pilot Club of Wildwood which has enabled us to make donations to organizations we try to support.

They are as follows:

  • Northeast Florida State Hospital for their holiday party
  • Treatment advocacy center to help them continue in their tireless research into mental illness
  • AIMS Christmas party
  • Our Christmas party for the awareness group

We also use monies received to pay for office supplies (mailings, etc.) and supplies needed for our various education meetings, including our 12 week program, Family to Family.

I do not know if everyone understands how the membership dues are distributed.

The membership dues for voting members are $35.00 per year and $0. to $2.00 for open door consumers.

From the $35.00 we send $10.00 to NAMI National and $15.00 to NAMI FL. We also send $1.00 to NAMI National for open door even if we do not receive money from consumers.

So you can see that we only get $10.00 from each member. That is why any donation we receive is very helpful for us to continue our work and support our projects.

No one in our Lake/Sumter group receives any salary.

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