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Volunteer Opportunities

NAMI Metropolitan Baltimore depends on the support of our volunteers to help us provide free programs and services to persons diagnosed with mental illness and their relatives.  Below is a list of our current volunteer opportunities:

  • Community Fairs & Festivals

    NAMI Participates in locals fairs and festivals to introduce the organization, its mission and its resources to the community.  Fairs and festivals are typically held at universities, faith-based organizations, and community organizations.  Volunteers are needed to set up resources tables and represent NAMI at these events.
  • Virtual Voices

    Virtual Voices is an experiential workshop in which participants are hooked up to individual audiocassette players with earphones and are assigned simple tasks which they must perform while "hearing" auditory hallucinations.  Participants include police officers, community mental health professionals, medical students, and psychiatrists in training.  The goal of this workshop is for participants to begin to understand the day to day challenges that people with psychiatric disabilities face and to acknowledge their strength and resiliency.  Volunteers are needed to play a variety of roles.  Training and instruction is provided by NAMI staff.
  • Special Events

    NAMI annually hosts different events, including its two biggest fund raising events: The Annual Gala (February) and NAMI Walks (May).  Volunteers are needed to help with set up, registration, and facilitating a NAMI information table.
  • Monthly Information Meetings

    NAMI hosts a free information meeting from 7-9pm on the third Wednesday of each month.  Numerous mental health topics are discussed by leading experts in the field.  Volunteers are needed to help with set-up, check-in, distributing resources and materials, and facilitating a NAMI information table.
  • Families in Crisis

    Families in Crisis is a workshop that helps crisis workers to work more effectively with family members dealing with the trauma of mental illness.  This volunteer opportunity is for individuals who have had a family member or loved one experience an Emergency Petition and interactions with the police who are willing to share their story and experiences.
  • In Our Own Voice Presenters

    Mental Health Consumers have the chance to share their stories of living with a mental illness. Presentations are given to consumers, family and friends, health care providers, law enforcement officials, faith communities, students, and any other community or civic organization that is interested in learning more about mental illnesses and recovery. Consumers speak about the topics of dark days, acceptance, treatment, coping skills, and successes, hopes, and dreams. This opportunity requires a separate application and participation in a training program.  Presenters receive a stipend for their work and time.

  • University of Marlyand Medical Systems Peer Mentor Program

    NAMI partners with the University of Maryland Medical Systems (UMMS) to provide peer mentors to support patients in the psychiatric and geriatric psychiatric units.  The goals of this program are to 1) to provide patients with hope of recovery and information about peer community resources through direct contact with consumers who have progressed in their recovery 2) to provide families of patients with hope of recovery and to connect them with community resources that provide support and education. This opportunity is for mental health consumers who are living well with their mental illness and family members of individuals who have a mental illness. A separate application, health screening (offered free of charge by UMMS), and orientation are required.  Mentors receive a stipend for their work and time. 

If you are interested in any of the listed volunteer opportunities, please contact info@namibaltimore for a Volunteer Application.  We are not currently accepting applications for office volunteers.

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