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The Karen Effect It was the sense of belonging, of being cared for in this most basic way, that Karen and her family needed most.
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      Most of our members and website users are here because of a family member's mental illness. This puts a lot of strain and stress on individuals and we realize that not everyone is able to give time to the organization. However, if you want to be part of our efforts to provide services to other families (and it does feel good to be part of the solution), please consider some of the options below.

Office Help- Since our office is staffed only by volunteers, any office help needs to be done when one of the regular volunteers is available. We need help in updating membership cards and the library cards for our video and book rentals. We also need someone to get onto our computer to update and correct the membership list through the Filemaker program. We will train you on this.

Mental Health Awareness events - We've typically put up library displays at local sites during the Mental Health Awareness week in October and when other special events are planned.

Computer - You're reading this on our new website, put together by true amateurs.  Any help folks can give us with this process, including advice on computers, problem solving, and web site maintenance is highly welcome.

Newsletter - Every other month, we put out our newsletter, and a small group meets at the office to fold and label the 800+ newsletters for mailing. This takes a couple of hours.

Grant  writing- We rely solely on donations - through and above memberships. This money pays for our office rental, speaker meeting rental, mailing, computer, copier, etc. We could use some help in looking at other sources of funding.

NAMI Walk - Our affiliate participated in the second year of the San Francisco Bay Area NAMI Walk but did not offically participate last year. We could use someone to be the affiliate's liason to the organizing committee, take on responsibilities for group participation and cheerlead for the walk.

Hospitality - At our bimonthly educational meetings, we always supply refreshments. Volunteers can either bring snacks to share or help to organize that aspect of the meeting.

Leadership - NAMI National and NAMI California provide training for individuals to facilitate or co-facilitate support group meetings and the Family-to- Family 12 week class. (One has to have taken the F2F class before getting training to teach it). If you are interested in either of these, let us know.

MHSA - We are always looking for family members who would like to represent family interests to the county's MHSA (Mental Health Services Act) planning processes.  This essentially involves attending meetings, offering information and insights and bringing back any information.

Perhaps there is some other way you can help us. Let us know at 524-1250

Donations of money and/or time are always welcome.

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