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10 Tips for Managing Mental Health in the Workplace Work can play a vital role in recovery—it gives the day purpose. Here are some ideas on how to make the most of every day.
Exploring The World of Human Emotions
Celebrating Recovery through Work
Understanding What HIPAA Means for Mental Illness
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Welcome to our family of National Alliance for Mental Illness - NAMI Cobb!

Our group works to be a wealth of information to you the consumer, the family member, the friends and relatives of those dealing with day to day issues of living with a Mental Illness.

Come join us, we are here to help educate, support, and point you to information you might be needing. If you have ideas or article that may be of interest for news letter please pass those on to Robert Gray, .

NEW 2013

President -- Robert Gray 404-797-0100 - April 1, 2013
Past Presidents -Tim Link 770-280-7153

Vice President --

Secretary -- Terri McMahan

Membership / Treasurer -- Anne Rood

Newsletter Editor -- John Avery,  suggestions for newsletter please send to Tim Link.

IF IN CRISIS? Georgia’s Crisis and Access line (GCAL) at 1-800-715-4225

Family to Family or for more information, check our Education

Web Page details or corrections Alice Waldbart, 404-291-6680

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