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Culturally Competent, Clinically Relevant To give the best care, providers need to understand the person they're talking to.
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Book Review: Unhinged: A Memoir of Enduring, Surviving and Overcoming Family Mental Illness
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 What does NAMI Lane County do?


  • NAMI maintains a Resource Center which is open to the public Monday through Thursday, except for holidays. The staff includes family volunteers knowledgeable about major mental disorders. The Center provides a check-out library of publications and videos on the various mental illnesses - information on symptoms, treatment modes, methods for family coping, research, etc. The resources of the Center are available to families, friends, mental health practitioners, and the general public.
  • A monthly newsletter, covered by moderate yearly membership dues, shares current information with family members, mental health professionals, local and state government officials, and other interested persons.
  • Twice-monthly support and education meetings provide information and an opportunity to share ways of coping which address the helplessness that families and friends so often feel.
  • Special educational meetings and work shops offer specific information on topics such as mental health services, treatment methods, research, rehabilitation, and legislation.
  • NAMI provides speakers for other organizations, to share information on living and coping with mental illness, the problems and needs of those with mental illness, and how the community at large can help.
  • NAMI supports legislation to improve the quality of life of persons with mental disorders and of their families, and campaigns for funding to implement these laws.
  • NAMI liaisons serve on advisory boards, task forces, and committees concerned with issues of mental health and mental illness on local, state, and national levels.

For more information about meetings and activities, please contact us:

NAMI Lane County
76 Centennial Loop, Suite A
Eugene, OR 97401
Phone (541) 343-7688


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