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How You Can Text, Talk and Act for Mental Health Participate in a National Dialogue on mental health on your cell phone.
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10 Tips for Managing Mental Health in the Workplace
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 NAMI Family Support Group - Livingston/McLean Counties

NAMI Family support group meets from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. on the fourth Saturday each month in Parish Hall at Epiphany Roman Catholic Church, 1006 East College Avenue, Normal, IL 61761.  For information call 309-287-9913.  

Next support group meeting is Saturday, March 22, 2014.

NAMI Connections support group meets from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. on the fourth Saturday each month in Cenacle Room at Epiphany Roman Catholic Church, 1006 East College Avenue, Normal, IL 61761.  For infomation call 309-287-9913.MI Family support group meets from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. on the fourth Saturday each month in Parish Hall at Epiphany Roman Catholic Church, 1006 East College Avenue, Normal, IL 61761.  For information call 309-287-9913.  

NAMI DeWitt County

DeWitt NAMI Family Support Group is having its first Family Support Group meeting May 22, 2014 from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.

Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month at the Human Resource Center (HRC), 1150 Illinois 54, Clinton, IL 61727


The Future Landscape of Behavioral Healthcare and its Impact on McLean County - September 13, 2013

I attended this conference as a representative of NAMI and our members. It was sponsored by Mental Health America of McLean County of which NAMI sits on the board.

 I sat on a panel at the end of the day to share with all the providers in the room(housing, police, hospitals, court systems, etc) to share what our members need to see happen to improve care in McLean County.

While we have many services available in our community, there are some major problems including how to properly care for people who are jailed, released too soon from the hospital or ER, need meds, housing and more.

The greatest concern is bringing these services together to focus on the client and provide better support.We heard about a very innovative program used in Decatur.

Currently our services are siloed. That means everying is seperate,  working on its own. The argreement was we need to change that and how we should go about that change. I will keep you posted as we move forward, hopefully,

as an advocate for those with mental illness and their families.  There is also an article in Saturday Pantagrph 9/14 if you want to read more.  Robin, Co-President.

See White Paper with results from this conference

Tell Your Story

      Our local Mental Health America would like to collect stories of those with mental illness.

We  would also like to put some of the stories in the Livingston/McLean Counties Newsletter and on our web site.

If you would like to share your story with others, please mail or email, no more than one page, to Robin Rinker: 

or mail to: Livingston/McLean NAMI, P. O. Box 5323, Bloomington, IL  61702-5323.



Promoting good mental health for everyone in Illinois: Say it out Load

Link to NAMI Illinois: NAMI Illinois

Need Help?  In Livingston, McLean and DeWitt counties call PATH Dial 211   


**********   The Livingston/McLean County Housing Directory is located at the bottom of this page.   *******************


Families for Depression Awareness is a national nonprofit organization helping families recognize and cope with depressive disorders to get people well and prevent suicides.  Find more information on the FFDA website.

Link to NAMI Faith Net: NAMI Faith Net

Hearts & Minds: New Program Launch

On Wednesday, Feb. 17, NAMI launched its new Hearts & Minds initiative taking aim at risk factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking and obesity for major illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes-which contribute to shorter life spans for people living with serious mental illness. The program includes a dedicated Web site and new tools for state and local presentations. The Hearts & Minds Facilitator's Guide, which comes with the Hearts & Minds DVD, as well as a booklet entitled Hearts & Minds: A Roadmap to Wellness for Individuals Living with Mental Illness, are available for purchase in the NAMI store.

New State Advocacy Tools

As part of its current mobilization in state budget crises, NAMI is expanding its site with a broad range tools for grassroots advocates to use with legislators, the news media and other groups.

Do you want to know what the high cost of cutting mental health will be for children? Check the fact sheets. It's just one of many resources that this Web site has to offer. Please spend some time browsing NAMI's new State Adovcacy site and share it with others Contact your governor and state legislators--you can easily do so by e-mail through a special "CapWiz" tool on the Web site's homepage. Write a letter to a local editor. Post budget newspaper stories with comments on Facebook. Take small steps or big steps--whatever you can do. Help spread NAMI's message.


National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month Planning Webinar

Visit the NAMI Web site for more information on National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.


New Issue of ¡Avanzamos!, NAMI’s Bilingual Magazine

A new issue of NAMI’s popular, fully bilingual publication,¡Avanzamos!, will be out the first week of October, right in time for Hispanic Heritage Month. This new issue focuses on the development of a Latino behavioral health workforce and features the Alliance for Latino Behavioral Health Workforce Development and key training and support programs for educational and professional development in behavioral health for Latinos throughout the country. The issue includes inspiring personal stories and information on model programs and current efforts. Articles are provided in both Spanish and English.

Visit the NAMI website to subscribe to this publication in hard copy or electronic format via e-mail and access previous issues of ¡Avanzamos! in the online archive. This publication is not only a great tool for outreach to Latinos and Spanish speakers, but also an interesting and uplifting read for all. For a limited time, new subscriptions will receive complimentary copies of the latest two issues.


NEW WEB SiTE -  Fighting stigma:  Bring Change 2 Mind

  •       About 60 million Americans experience mental health problems in any given year. One in 17 lives with the most serious conditions. Less than a third get treatment.
  •       Half of all lifetime cases begin by age 14, but 10 or more years may pass between onset of symptoms and getting help.

“The first step in combating mental illness is education,” said NAMI Executive Director Michael J. Fitzpatrick.

  •      Learn about symptoms that are warning signs.
  •      Learn about different diagnoses and courses of treatment.
  •      Discuss any concerns with a doctor.

Early identification is often the key to recovery. Treatment may involve combinations of medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy (“talk therapy”), peer support groups or comm unity services. Diet, exercise, sleep and social support networks also play a role.

“As a society, we also need to strengthen the mental health care system and put an end to the stigma,” Fitzpatrick said.



The current Livingston/McLean NAMI newsletter is available in pdf form at the bottom of this page under Related Files.

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