Press and Media

NAMI is available around-the-clock to news media for:

  • Expert analysis on a wide range of issues related to severe mental illnesses or brain disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder/manic-depression, major depression, and anxiety disorders
  • Current data on research, treatments, rates of prevalence
  • Interviews with national spokespersons and technical experts
  • Access to persons with serious mental illness and their families who are willing to share personal stories with the media
  • Comment on breaking news

A Long Road Ahead

Achieving True Parity in Mental Health and Substance Use Care

Health insurance plans are falling short in coverage of mental health and substance abuse conditions. Learn more about the challenges in NAMI's latest report based on survey results that assessed the experiences of people living with mental illness and their families with private health insurance.


Recent Press Releases

Mike Huckabee and Schizophrenia; NAMI Calls for Apology Over Supreme Court Remarks on Iowa Radio Talk Show
Jun 29 2015

Presidential candidate owes all Americans an apology after claiming that the U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts "needs medication for schizophrenia," based on the logic of decisions in court rulings last week.

NAMI Calls Supreme Court Decision a Step Forward—and a Sigh of Relief—for People with Mental Illness
Jun 25 2015

"The Supreme Court's decision in King v. Burwell is both a victory and a sigh of relief for millions of Americans, including people living with mental illness, who will be able to keep their health insurance.  

National Alliance on Mental Illness Launches StigmaFree Campaign
May 01 2015

To support Mental Health Month, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and the philosophy hope & grace initiative are joining forces to launch the StigmaFree campaign.