National Alliance on Mental Illness
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Welcome to the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Gwinnett (NAMI Gwinnett) web site.

NAMI Gwinnett is a consumer (person with a mental illness) and family based support, education and advocacy organization. We offer peer support for consumers and family members as well as educational programs for those affected by mental illness, including family members, friends, and those who are living with a mental illness.


If you have ever asked your self:

How can I get help for my loved one?

Where can I get help?


Would you like to:

Talk to someone who understands...Someone who has been where you are?


We understand. We've been there! We are NOT professionals. We are people like you who have dealt with similar situations. We've learned to cope. We've been trained to listen and help. We are passionate about what we do.

We ARE people like you!

Look around our site. When you are ready, call us. We will be here.



Nancy Jaffee