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2014 Family To Family Courses:

This FREE 12-week course is for family members and caregivers of
individuals with mental illness. To register for a Family To Family
Course, contact one of the Co-Leaders of the class you wish to
attend, call the NAMI Cape Cod & Islands Office at 508-778-4277,
or email Preregistration is required.

*Please note that space is limited and these courses fill up quickly.

SEPTEMBER 2014 Family to Family Classes

EAST HARWICH: contact Kristen: 774-722-0248 or Dawn: 508-237-2380; begins 9/9/14; 6-8:30pm

PROVINCETOWN: contact Ron: 508-778-4277; Rescheduled to early 2015

F2F Course Topics Include

1. Symptoms of major mental illnesses (Major Depression, Bi-polar, 
    Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality, Panic/Anxiety Disorders,
    Obsessive-Compulsive D/O, Addiction).

2. Brain biology

3. Problem solving skills training

4. Medication review

5. Empathy workshop

6. Communication skills

7. Self-care

8. Recovery & rehabilitation

9. Fighting stigma

Family-to-Family changes lives. Sign up today!

To download a detailed weekly course curriculum please click on the file
attachment below which provides a specific description of the topics
covered each week.  



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