National Alliance on Mental Illness
page printed from NAMI Pierce County

What is NAMI?

NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness; NAMI-Pierce is your local chapter. Nationwide, the members and volunteers at over 1100 local NAMI affiliates leverage their personal experiences with mental illness to support each other in Recovery, erase the myths that still surround mental illness, and educate our communities. NAMI chapters are active here and in all 50 states.




How does NAMI help ?

NAMI-Pierce has weekly Recovery Support Groups plus Family Groups for individuals and families touched by mental illness. Support Groups and classes are not therapy. They are peer groups where we share experiences and help each other resolve the challenges in our daily lives. In addition, NAMI sponsors Recovery Education programs such as Peer to Peer and WRAP. And we also offer classes, public information

forums, and up-to-date mental health literature to the community. Some

of our members are trained speakers, able to put a human face to the subject of mental illness for community groups. All NAMI programs are free.