National Alliance on Mental Illness
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IMPORTANT NOTE - If you must call the Police during a crisis involving an individual with a mental illness, ask the dispatcher to send a CIT trained officer. 

About the CIT program     

The Ventura County Law Enforcement Crisis Intervention Team Program

A national model for a proactive interface between Ventura County law enforcement agencies for the care and treatment of mentally ill individuals.

Collaborating Bureaus

Ventura Police Department
Oxnard Police Department
Ventura County Sheriff
Simi Valley Police Department
Santa Paula Police Department
Port Hueneme Police Department
Camarillo Police Department
Fillmore Police Department
Moorpark Police Department
Ojai Police Department
Thousand Oaks Police Department


  • Reduce the necessity for the use-of-force
  • De-escalate crisis situations
  • Reduce the use of jail
  • Decrease recidivism
  • Increase lawful self-reliance and health enhancing behaviors


  • Train and maintain at least 20% of patrol officers and dispatchers in a 40-hour mental health training.
  • Increase the percentage of individuals linked with treatment through interagency meetings.
  • Conduct ongoing update trainings.
  • Conduct ongoing CIT stakeholder/advisory meetings.
  • Conduct 8 hour "Police Response to People with Mental Illness or Developmental Disability" trainings to all non-CIT officers.


Our strategy for accomplishing this mission is to facilitate the safe and secure assessment and transportation of an individual in crisis, who meets the criteria established in Welfare and Instructions Code (WIC) Section 5150, to an appropriate mental health facility. CIT program staff shall act as a law enforcement liaison with the Behavioral Health Department (BHD), and other agencies and organizations.

Current Status

40% of patrol officers trained countywide.
25% of dispatchers trained countywide.

CIT Program Contacts

Program Administrator    Joyce Wilde        805.373.2314
Program Assistant          Jennifer Frank     805.373.2314

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