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News Team Explores Law, Science and Society for Answers about Mental Illness

The Sun, San Bernardino County’s Newspaper, has a team of staff who worked for a year to create this graphic and poetic account entitled Lost Among Us: How Society Fails the Mentally Ill.

Stemming from deaths in a fire in a low-rent housing building a year ago, this work of research and investigative reporting reveals through the San Bernardino lens the face of America in coping with severe mental disorders.

The reporting is often blunt and direct. The writers’ intentions are clearly married to seeking out the facts, and getting the story with less concern for the approval of political correctness. The intriguing realism pulls the reader from one life to another, from one story or account to the next. Clearly, brain disorders are no-fault disorders. American society, however, is not without blame when people with mental disorders are denied the opportunity for recovery that is available today. This series painfully points to the need for better accountability.

Read the series of intricately woven personal stories, historic decisions in care giving and policy failure, humorous and tragic anecdotal accounts, information on diagnoses, available and more.  Access the NAMI California Website to read more.