National Alliance on Mental Illness
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November 10, 2003

Six States Are Targeted for First Phase of Campaign Action

The first six states to work as Campaign pilot states are Iowa, Kentucky, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts and West Virginia. NAMI’s Campaign for the Mind of America is a grassroots initiative to increase access to mental health treatment services by changing public policies and priorities at the local, state and federal levels.

The Campaign emphasizes our nation’s need to:

  • Dramatically improve access to treatment particularly among young Americans;
  • Assure the positive outcomes associated with early diagnosis and treatment;
  • Assure access to a full range of evidence-based practices, including appropriate medications and community-based supports such as supported employment and housing; and
  • Improve communities’ overall health, education, business and public safety by assuring access to effective mental health services.

Campaign Messages

  • Half a century of inadequate mental health policy has failed people with serious mental disorders and now compels community leaders to act.
  • In every community, this public health crisis is having devastating effects on education, law enforcement, health care and business.
  • Community leaders agree: It is time to act together to fulfill the promise of recovery that is within our grasp.