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NAMI Strategic Plan Midcourse Review

The Planning Committee of the NAMI National Board has responsibility for overseeing NAMI's strategic plan. At its December 2004 meeting and at the recommendation of the Planning Committee, the Board extended the current strategic plan so that it now runs through December 2006. This extension was made in recognition of the value of the Plan's vision and the constraints that had slowed implementation in some areas in the previous year. As they extended the plan, Board members also asked for a "mid-course review" of the Plan's progress. At their February 2005 meeting a process was developed for that review, including seeking input from various stakeholders who were most familiar with the Plan's development -- all of you.

Below is a brief (one page) survey on your perceptions of the Plan in the world as it is today. Recognizing that circumstances change -- often as a result of our very own efforts -- and that flexibility is critical to good implementation of any plan, we seek your input on where and how the Plan can remain most relevant to today's NAMI. Your feedback will be reviewed by the Planning Committee and will factor into any recommendations they may make to the Board regarding implementation and priorities. This input will also be incorporated in the FY2006 budget planning process.

With appreciation for the work you put into the Plan's development and recognizing the effort that is being asked of you now, here is what the Committee requests:

1) Review the Plan and related documents. A shorter version of the Plan that includes only the goals and key result measures (KRMs) is below.

2) Complete the survey *by March 21* and return to me via mail, e-mail, or fax.  ** The survey can be found below.

I will compile results for the Planning Committee and share back to all participants what we have heard. If you have questions along the way, please do not hesitate to ask. I can be reached directly at, 703-516-0687 or messages can be sent to

I join the Board's Planning Committee in thanking you -- both for the work you put into the Plan's development and for your feedback now!


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