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NAMI National Day of Action 2014 Resources

Introduction to Hill Day

Introduction to Hill Day Webinar
This webinar provides an introduction to Hill Day and to the webinar series. The webinar covers what to expect in your Hill visits, the importance of building a relationship with your legislator and how to establish that relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hill Day
This resource provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Hill Day.

Tips for Building a Relationship with Federal Legislators
This resource provides tips for building and maintaining a relationship with legislators.

Telling Your Story

Telling Your Story
This webinar, the second in the series, will focus on how to effectively tell your story to legislators.

NAMI Smarts--Tell Your Story Worksheets
Use these worksheets to practice telling your story and prepare to meet your legislators.

Meeting Your Legislator

Meeting Your Legislator
This webinar, the third in the series, will teach you about what to expect from a meeting on the Hill and learn strategies for conducting National Day of Action meetings.

NAMI Smarts--Meeting Your Legislator Worksheets
Use these worksheets to prepare your meeting with your legislators.

Scheduling Your Appointment FAX Template
Use this template to assist you in scheduling your appointment with your member of Congress.