National Alliance on Mental Illness
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NAMI FaithNet, is a new program offering support and outreach to local churches, we are not a religious network but rather an outreach to all religious organizations.

NAMI FaithNet respects all religious beliefs. It also recognizes the expression by the majority of those affected by mental illness of the importance of the role of their spirituality in their ability to cope with having one of these illnesses themselves or in caring for an ill friend or family member.

NAMI FaithNet encourages all those who are affected by a mental illness, who are also members of a faith community, to talk to their clergy person about mental illness and the role their faith is playing in their lives.

Our Mission:

NAMI FaithNet is dedicated to providing and promoting the exchange of information, tools and other resources which will help NAMI members and friends educate faith communities about mental illness and the vital role spirituality plays in recovery for many.

NAMI FaithNet partners with faith-based organizations (i.e., churches, temples, mosques and synagogues) providing resources to them as they engage with persons living with serious mental illness.

We encourage those with a mental illness and their families to seek spiritual support in your rehabilitation process.

NAMI-Clackamas County can help families reach out to their clergy leaders and as the awareness grows, can provide a list of churches, temples, mosques and synagogues that are educated and have partnered with NAMI.

If you have questions, need referrals, would like NAMI FaithNet-Clackamas County to start a dialogue with your church, temple, mosque or synagogue...


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