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Take Action in Florida

Contact your state legislators now and urge them not to make a costly mistake when it comes to access to mental health medications for our communities and families.

By email/fax/letter

Click here to use NAMI's online advocacy tool to contact your state legislators.  Use the sample letter provided or send a message of your own.

By phone

Call the Florida capitol switchboard at 850-488-1234 and ask to be connected to your legislator.  Use the following talking points when you call:

  • Cutting access to mental health treatment for people with mental illness will cost lives and result in huge costs to our police, courts, businesses, schools, and families.
  • Funding access to mental health treatment and medications in Medicaid saves the state money as community and other costs that are of greater fiscal consequence are avoided.
  • Legislative action to move health care for people with mental illness into Medicaid HMO’s threatens the safety of people with mental illness whose recovery relies on comprehensive, integrated services and treatments.
  • Policies that require Medicaid recipients with mental illness to switch medications, fail on older or cheaper medications, or restrict access to prescribed medications lead to high cost crisis interventions and hospitalizations that waste limited tax dollars.
  • There is no evidence that utilizing managed health care for people with mental illness saves money or improves outcomes. In fact, Utah and Massachusetts attempts at managing mental health care show that poor outcomes, longer hospital stays, more expense, and failed recovery result.
  • Evidence-based, safe methods of providing and managing services and treatments for people with mental illness are available and should be considered as both cost saving as well as quality of care considerations.