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Resources from the Governance Team

Board Policies - The NAMI board of directors maintains and regularly updates its Board Operating Policies and Procedures manual, including:

Bylaws - NAMI bylaws can only be amended by 2/3 vote of voting members; National bylaws were last amended 2010.  Several amendments are up for consideration this year, so always check that you are working with the latest version.

Strategic Plan - NAMI National’s current strategic plan addresses organizational priorities for 2011-2013. 

Standards of Excellence -NAMI’s Standards of Excellence are a mutually agreed upon collection of practices that help define what it means to be NAMI, a NAMI chartered State Organization or a NAMI Affiliate.  Please visit the Center for Excellence to access toolkits, manuals, templates and informational materials for building organizational capacity and meeting the NAMI Standards of Excellence.

There are four main areas in the Center of Excellence:

  • Tools for Excellence Resource Library which has a wide array of resources related to organizational capacity and the specifics of implementing the Standards of Excellence for both State Organizations and Affiliates.Items to be found in this area include: Checklist for State Bylaws, Checklist for Affiliate Bylaws, state resolution template, charter agreement, a guide for using the Profile Center and many others!
  • TheNAMI Standards of Excellence which is the board approved document explaining the standards in detail;
  • The NAMI State Organization Handbook which is a frequently updated tool for State Organizations with the best information related to the chartering and the affiliate endorsement process; and
  • The Leadership Institute which houses presentations and tools offered through this series, including the webinars related to State Organization chartering offered in spring 2011 and the sessions presented here at the 2011 convention.

Voting - for information about NAMI's annual election processes, visit

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