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Super Bowl Bound?

NFL Community Huddle

Former U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher, now with Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, has teamed with the National Football League (NFL) to fight stigma.

Fighting stigma was one of Satcher's key recommendations in his landmark Report on Mental Health.

The initiative is called NFL Community Huddle: Taking a Goal Line Stand for Your Mind and Body. Forums will be held in several major cities to create game plans to reduce stigma. Mental illness does not discriminate; it affects athletes--including high school and college students--and can be related to sports injuries.

PBS Stations to Air Unlisted


PBS stations will begin airing the film Unlisted: A Story of Schizophrenia during Mental Illness Awareness Week (Oct. 3-9). Check the website for station schedules.

The film was shown at the NAMI national convention this summer; some NAMI affiliates also are sponsoring local screenings in their communities.

By special arrangement, NAMI members can simply order the regular home use version of the DVD to use for educational events or fundraisers, rather than the more expensive educational use.

Fashion Statement

Eva Mendes

Vs. magazine is a Danish-owned "international high-end fashion and lifestyle magazine" that claims its "core editorial values [are] creativity, integrity and style" In its latest issue, integrity is put to the test-and fails. A photo spread "We Are All Crazy for Eva," features actress Eva Mendes as a patient in a psychiatric institution writhing on a bed to keep from being restrained and other poses.

One celebrity news story called the photo shoot "eccentric" and "quirky" and praised Mendes for her "sense of humor."

The insensitivity is as offensive--if not more so--as T-shirts Sears recently pulled from stores because they were branded "Gotcha" over the image of the Twin Towers. What's sad is that Mendes should know better. In 2008 she commendably sought professional help at a rehabilitation facility.

Tell Vs. magazine what you think: You can also write Ms. Mendes through her manager:

Eva Mendes
c/o David Seltzer
Management 360
9111 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Stuffed Stigma

Depressed Turtle

Many StigmaBusters have condemned a new line of toys: cute stuffed animals with mental illnesses introduced in the United States this month by German toy company Paraplusch.

Some SBers are wondering whether the animals might help overcome stigma because they are endearing, sympathetic characters that children might bond with. But what's crossed the line is an online game on the company's website set in a psychiatric hospital (click the British flag for English translation).

Both the website and game are labeled: "The Asylum: Psychiatric Clinic for Abused Cuddly Toys."

Two of the forums with the best discussions about the toys are on Care2 and the Dr. Deb blog. Let us also know your views at

Don't help the company's marketing campaign by protesting too loudly at least at this time--the company would love the attention. Initial public reaction to the toys seems skeptical. In the search for a company contact, we've also found only one email address: Dr. Kindermann, which is also the name of the doctor in the asylum game.

Eyes and Ears

Have you seen stigma in the news, entertainment or advertising media? You are our eyes and ears! Send a report to Because of the large number of messages received, they cannot all be answered individually; however, we appreciate every one and review and prioritize them for action. Please also contact the source directly--you have more power than you know! We also appreciate getting copies of responses you receive to evaluate. Your help makes a difference!