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bp Magazine new edition: Tackling Anger
Anger. Everyone experiences this intense emotion from time to time. It's a normal, usually healthy response to internal or external events. But when we can't control our anger-and instead let anger control us-it can jeopardize our personal and professional relationships, which in turn deteriorates our quality of life.

Hurricane Relief Resource Guide
NAMI is providing a listing of resources for consumers and families that are affected by Hurricanes Ike & Gustav.

Technology as a Tool for RecoveryóA Promising Practice

In many communities, we see innovative solutions emerging that offer hope to many while providing effective approaches to improving lives.

Voice Awards Honor Advocates, Films and TV Shows

NAMI recognizes the advocates, films and television shows that portray mental illness in a respectful way.

Howie Mandel: No Laughing Matter

Comedian Howie Mandel is determined to make mental health as common as going to the dentist.

YANA: Iím Not Crying For Your Attention

Tammie shares her story about what living with depression is really like for those who don't understand.

Criminalization of Mental Illness: Itís a Crime

Jails have become the go-to place for the "treatment" of mental illness. Here is how we can change that.

Former U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy, VA Senator Creigh Deeds, other Mental Health Advocates to Urge Congress to Pass Comprehensive Mental Mealth Legislation as Part of NAMI's "National Day of Action" for Mental Health

NAMI announced that it will launch a National Day of Action for Mental Health on Thursday, September 4th during its annual convention in Washington, DC. As part of the National Day of Action, conference attendees will visit Capitol Hill offices to urge legislators to pass comprehensive mental health reform legislation.


Join us September 3-6!

Act4MentalHealth Hero

Raise awareness and #Act4MentalHealth for the National Day of Action on Sept. 4!

Visible Honor for Invisible Wounds

Each day 22 veterans die by suicide. Tom Mahany has gone on two hunger strikes to raise awareness for the issues our military members are facing.

Sacred Creations

After finding a church that understood mental health, AJ French finally received the treatment and support she needed.

Sacred Creations

After finding a church that understood mental health, AJ French finally received the treatment and support she needed.

YANA: With Help, Things Can Change For The Better

At the age of 17, Jessica's brain appeared to revolt against her. Now she tells how she made it through.

What We Can Do about Depression

Robin Williams' passing reminds us that depression and suicide can affect everyone.

NAMI Statement by Mary Giliberti: Reflecting on the Passing of Robin Williams

NAMI remembers the life Robin Williams and reminds us all how important it is to reach out and help one another.

Laugh a Little with Please Like Me

Sometimes laughter can be a great form of therapy. Creator Josh Thomas draws on his personal experience in his comedy series Please Like Me.

Setting the Record Straight

NAMI calls on Congress to take action on the two presented mental health bills once they return from recess.

Connect 4 Mental Health® Announces 2014 Community Innovation Awards Call for Entries

Nationwide initiative will honor local programs implementing approaches designed to positively impact those with serious mental illness and their communities

Connect 4 Mental Health: Help Spread the Word for Community-based Innovations

Building on the 2013 C4MH initiative, NAMI and others are recognizing local organizations working to support individuals with serious mental illness.

Book Review: 8 Keys to End Bullying Strategies for Parents & Schools

Bullying can lead to emotional instability and potentially serious problems. It's important to stop it early.

NAMI Advocacy Update: July 2014

This month in NAMI advocacy: comprehensive legislation, mental health parity, employment, and NAMI California.