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NAMI Laurens County

Address: NAMI Laurens County
617 Cochran Rd
Donalds, SC 29638
Phone: (864) 554-2659
Serving: Laurens County


Name: Mr. William McAlister
Position: Treasurer
Name: Mrs. Alvenes R. Barksdale
Position: Programs Contact
Phone: (864) 833-4984
Name: Mrs. Terri Mostiller
Position: Board Member
Phone: (864) 554-2659
Name: Ms. Ava Taylor
Position: Secretary
Phone: (864) 994-3004
Name: Ms. Laura Henderson
Position: Treasurer
Phone: (864) 682-9632
Name: Ms. Margaret Lewis
Position: Vice President
Phone: (864) 833-2755
Name: Ms. Ruth A. Sharpe
Position: Membership Contact
Phone: (864) 998-3351
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