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NAMI San Gabriel Valley

Address: NAMI San Gabriel Valley
2550 E Foothill Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91107-3406
Phone: (626) 577-6697
Fax: (626) 577-0381
Serving: Los Angeles County


Name: Mr. Larry Hixon
Position: Treasurer
Name: Mr. Robert Liljenwall
Position: Board Member
Name: Mr. Simone Porcu
Position: Vice President
Name: Mr. Victor Cass
Position: President
Name: Mrs. Jeri Gaudino
Position: Vice President
Name: Mrs. Martha Giffen
Position: Vice President
Name: Mrs. Wendy Blanco
Position: Vice President
Name: Ms. Angel Steward
Position: Secretary
Name: Ms. Evelyne Glaser
Position: Vice President
Name: Ms. Juliana Serrano
Position: Vice President
Name: Ms. Lucienne Marie
Position: Vice President
Name: Ms. Luna Xiaoyan Lu
Position: Vice President
Name: Ms. Marita Pinkel
Position: Vice President
Name: Ms. Myrna Perry
Position: Board Member
Name: Ms. Nancy H. Eng
Position: Vice President
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