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Florida's attempts to Manage Mental Health Care with Dangerous Proposals

The Florida House of Representatives in its Appropriations Conforming Bill has provided that the bulk of Medicaid mental health care be turned over to HMO's. If this bill passes, the consequences will be tragic for the over half million Floridians living with a mental illness and relying on Medcaid for their treatment and services.

 * Advocates are asked to ACT NOW and contact their legislators and the governor's office, asking them to SAY NOT TO HMO's.  View and contact the targeted legislators and administration leaders.

These targeted leaders are making this decision. Let them know you want them to make a smart decision.


Click here to use NAMI's online advocacy tool to contact your state legislators. Use the sample letter provided or send a message of your own.


Call the targeted legislators and administration leaders  and use the following talking points when you ask them to SAY NO TO HMO's:

  • There has been no study done recommending such a major reversal of Florida's mental health policy. We strongly urge legislators not to make last minute decisions that will negatively impact the lives of thousands of Floridian families."
  • Our very vulnerable daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers would be forced to navigate the complicated HMO maze to get life saving services. An HMO system is a system designed to limit access, not reach out to people in crisis or on the verge of a crisis. We cannot put their lives at risk and support this unsafe non-system of care.
  • There has been no opportunity for NAMI or other advocacy groups to weigh in on this critical issue. The House proposal could dramatically change the face of publicly-funded mental health in Florida, yet the people most affected have had no chance to say what they want.
  • We support the legislature’s efforts to ensure quality care oat the best price…but handing treatment over to the HMO industry without weighing the consequences serves no one.

Florida’s underfunded mental health system is already among the poorest in the nation. Lawmakers should be putting money into services, not into the pockets of the HMO industry.


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