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Andrew Sperling (left) with Dr. Tom Insel, Director of NIMH
Pete Earley with wife Patti
Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison (co-chair) Dr. Judith Rapaport
Mike Fitzpatrick with Debbie Dingell (Foundation Advisory Member)
Mike Fitzpatrick, Debbie Dingell, Ann Pincus(co-chair)
Mike Fitzpatrick, Debbie Dingell, Ann Pincus, Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison
Dr. Tom Insel, Pete and Patti Earley, Dr. Judith Rapaport
Murdo Gordon, Sr. VP of Neuro Science at Bristol Myer Squibb, engages fellow gala attendees in conversation
Terry Bradshaw chats it up
Mike Fitzpatrick & Terry Bradshaw
Ken Harvey, Terry Bradshaw, Dr. Suzanne Vogel-Scibilia, Suzanne Clifford (NAMI Board Member)
Lynelle Hoch having a great time with Terry Bradshaw
Suzanne Clifford with Ken Harvey
Murdo Gordon address the crowd
Terry Bradshaw talks of his experience with mental illness
The setting for the Gala was absolutely beautiful
Anand Pandya, M.D. is the President of the NAMI National Board of Directors
Dr. Pandya presents the Mind of America Scientific Research Award to Dr. Judith L. Rapoport.
Dr. Judith L. Rapoport graciously gives her acceptance speech.
Singer/songwriter Joyce Cooling talks to the crowd
Joyce Cooling playing a few songs
Gala attendees have a great time “Unmasking Mental Illness”

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